Skirts for older women

Ladies Skirts

A selection of classic Ladies skirts for older women,all with elasticated waists including pleated skirts. Ideal skirts for the mature and elderly Lady.

All skirts are machine washable                                              

Made in the UK


Standard skirt length = 29" (74cm).   

Short fit (5'2" tall) skirt length  = 26" (66cm).


S0709 Older Ladies pleated skirt

Ladies wool touch pleated skirt in Blue

heather pleated older Ladies skirt

Ladies wool touch pleated skirt in Mulberry

grey green Ladies pleated skirt

Ladies wool touch pleated skirt in Grey/Green

Tweed effect navy skirt

Ladies Tweed effect Navy skirt 27"

S0716 Short Fit (5'2")

Ladies Tweed effect Aubergine skirt 27"

S0816 Short fit (5'2")
Wool touch Brown Skirt

Ladies wool touch Brown skirt 27"

S0516 Short fit (5'2")
Wool touch Grey skirt

Ladies wool touch grey skirt 27"

S0616 Short fit (5'2")
animal print skirt

Ladies Brown animal print skirt skirt 27"

S0916 Short fit (5'2")
lace effect skirt

Ladies lace effect print skirt skirt 27"

S1016 Short fit (5'2")
Ladies elasticated waist skirt in Teal green

Ladies patterned skirt.Teal Green abstract pattern

Older ladies elasticated waist skirt in red

Ladies patterned skirt. Red abstract pattern

Blue/green floral ladies elasticated skirt S0216

Ladies patterned skirt. Blue/Green floral pattern

Pink/Burnt orange older ladies elasticated waist skirt S0116

Ladies patterned skirt. Pink/Burnt Orange floral pattern

Womens Elasticated waist Skirt S2114

Ladies patterned skirt. Olive/Pink Rose pattern

Womens Elasticated waist Skirt S2014

Ladies patterned skirt. Blue rose pattern

Grey and Cream rose Pattern elasticated skirt S0716

Ladies patterned skirt. Grey and Cream Rose pattern

Older womens elasticated waist Skirt S1914

Ladies patterned skirt. Navy Floral pattern

Ladies elasticated waist Skirt S0215

Ladies patterned skirt. Light Green Abstract pattern

Ladies elasticated waist Skirt S0115

Ladies patterned skirt. Light Blue Abstract pattern

Elderly Ladies elasticated waist Skirt S0415

Ladies patterned skirt. Pink Floral pattern

Older Ladies elasticated waist Skirt S1714

Ladies patterned skirt. Green spot pattern

Ladies fully elasticated waist Skirt S1614

Ladies patterned skirt. Lilac spot pattern

Ladies fully elasticated waist Skirt S1314

Ladies patterned skirt. Turquoise flower pattern

Ladies fully elasticated waist Skirt S1214

Ladies patterned skirt. Lilac flower pattern

Ladies  fully elasticated waist Skirt S1814

Ladies patterned skirt. Blue and Green floral on White background.

Ladies elasticated waist Skirt S0714

Ladies patterned skirt. Blue daisy pattern

S0714 Standard fit
Ladies elasticated waist Skirt S0814

Ladies patterned skirt. Green daisy pattern

S0814 Short fit (5'2")